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There are no absolute scales used for all house plans but commonly the minimum scale for a site plan is 1 inch equals 20 feet. This Step 2 Read the revision block.

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The scale will tell you if youre floor plan is in feet and inches or the metric system.

How to read house blueprints. Today they still contain building instructions in the form of multiple pages of drawings but most house plan are delivered as digital files and can be viewed on a screen or printed out onto regular paper for review to get bids or to submit for permits. They are drawn to scale. Understanding blueprints – dont people go to school for that sort of thing.

The entry will show as a break in the line of the wall and the floor plan may read Entry at that location. Plans being the vital link between the architects contractors engineers and the end user that is the client need to be detailed at a specific level of understanding so that it becomes easier to understand and visualize the structure prior its execution. Clicking on the shaded area will update the blue information box in the top left hand corner providing a detailed description.

In this mini-series were going to cover Construction Blueprints from start to finish. Measurements of the construction site including the building and the rooms. Below is a useful guide to help familiarize yourself with basic labels and symbols commonly found on house blueprints.

The foundation plan shows specifications of the design you selected. Floor plans used to be called blueprints They came in a roll and included all of the details required to build or change a home. Locate the entry to the building or room.

How to Read House Blueprints. For foundation floor plans and elevations its 14 of an inch equals 1 foot and for sections and details 38 of an inch equals 1 foot source. So lets get started.

These often appear at the beginning of any blueprints. Were breaking down a typical construction set of house plans to help you navigate your way through the complex web of lines symbols and terminology of plans. Floor plans will show details and room dimensions for each floor being built.

Here the feet and inches scale is on top and the metric underneath. The entry may be a doorway no door just an. If you are new to all this try our helpful primer How to read house plans The Construction Set.

Hovering will provide quick information on what that piece of information means. There will be dimensions noted as distances between or from center to center of walls width of openings for windows and doors and changes in floor elevations if the floor is multilevel. The North arrow tells you about the orientation of the property.

Simple floor plans for your old house or houses very similar may have been published in real estate advertisements. These sheets will show the location of the walls of the building and identify components like doors windows bathrooms and other elements. If you are involved in any serious construction work you will want to make sure to read it all thoroughly.

For example 18 1 one eighth inch equals one foot. If you were to place the 0 on the inside line of an interior wall on your house plans you could then measure across to the inside line of the opposite room wall. Construction plans blueprints are scaled down representations of the final project at a ratio of the actual size.

Pages are typically in the order of when theyll be constructed. Its easy to purchase house plans from a website or house plan catalog but they hardly ever come with directions for reading floor plans. The following hints come from an architect who designs luxury house plans and custom homes.

Here are some general tips to remember when reading your new home blueprints. Check your public library for back issues of local newspapers. Showing you guys everything you need to know along the way.

When construction plans are scaled it helps to put the part into a print size drawing that is easily read by the crew. Interactive floor plan – Click on the interactive floor plan button and hover your curser over the shaded areas. Step 1 Read the title block.

If you had house plans that had 141 written near the page title you would use this part of the architects scale. National Council of Building Designer Certification. Most builders keep the blueprints of all houses they build.

A floor plan floorplan in architecture and buildi. Before you buy a home plan make sure you fully appreciate everything the floor plan offers. A legend an explanation of the symbols that represent parts of the project.

What are you buying. Read the floor plans. Also look at other houses in your town or neighborhood that closely resemble yours or appear to include the same type of materials such as asbestos siding for example.

Will the completed house measure up to your expectations. The title blocks first section lists the blueprints name number as well as the location site or vendor1 X Research source If the drawing is part of a series this information will also be listed. Look at old real estate advertisements from the time builders constructed your house.

Simply read the number on the scale as though it were feet. To help you understand this subject here are the main details included in construction blueprints. How to Read a House Floor Plans.

Read more on scale for floor plans. Reading old advertisements can also give you a historical context for building processes of the past. Any time changes to a buildingsystemcomponent.

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